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Mark Chatterley:
Story Plates

Presenting a collection of 128 stoneware plates each with a unique graphic/story.

Each plate is about 10" in diameter and features imagery from the fertile mind of Mark Chatterley, an internationally recognized ceramic sculptor from Williamston, Michigan. They are the result of a month long retreat in the Arizona desert.


Mark is best known for his large, figurative high-fired stoneware sculpture depicting human and animal forms, sometimes singly, but often in large groupings. His drawings and paintings are particularly complex and expressive, though not often exhibited. The plate format has given Chatterley the opportunity to express snippets/paragraphs/exclamations of story. An interesting aspect of this display is the viewers' ability to "read" across the walls.


We are truly pleased to have the opportunity to showcase this experiment of solitude and encourage you to visit.




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