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Nicki Rose ay Mackerel Sky

Nicki Rose at Mackerek Sky Gallery




Nicolette Rose:
Cultural Shadows

Mackerel Sky presents, “Cultural Shadows”, an exhibit of felted pieces from a three year exploration using wool as a means to express the swiftness of time, and our fleeting cultural existence, by Lansing artist, Nicolette Rose.

Having hosted an exhibit several years ago of Nicki’s paintings we are thrilled at the opportunity to showcase this new body of work, which she has divided into three categories: “Remnants”, “Vessels”, and “Spirit Shields”.

Nicolette explains: “Temporarily leaving painting behind, I could not resist the many joys of working with wool especially its history.

“The history of wool is ancient and life supporting but today the uses of wool fall into an almost esoteric category. The mysteries are still compelling though, and I began to feel a cultural conscientiousness take hold as I worked. While beading I was especially aware of my ancestors bending over their work. Prayers went out to them and those who may enjoy these pieces. They were made with “loving intention” in hopes of creating visible evidence of something that is no longer in existence.

“The ‘Spirit Shields’ emerged after participating in the January 2017 Women’s March where thousands of pink pussy hats marched for miles with knowledge in the strength of our unity, with hope and love. These shields like the pink pussy hats, were made to convey powers (“suumesh”) guarding against those forces that attempt to lead your spirit away from your desired path. Those forces could include yourself. They should be placed in a part of your environment where your true spirit can be renewed daily.

“Even though I have gained inspirational strength and awareness from this journey, I am looking forward to returning to my paints.”

We are eager to share this inspiring collection with you. The felt work Nicolette is sharing has a painterly quality imbued with texture and meaning. Please join us for an opening celebration for “Cultural Shadows” on Sunday, February 4, 2018, from noon until 4. This is an opportunity to speak to Nicolette about her work and enjoy refreshments and comaraderie. “Cultural Shadows” will run through March 25, 2018.



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