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Kate Darnell at Mackerel Sky Gallery

Kate Darnell at Mackerel sky Gallery


Kate Darnell
Short Flights

Mackerel Sky presents, "Short Flights", a collection of small drawings and experimental calligraphic art by East Lansing artist, Kate Darnell.

Most of the images in this beautiful collection are smaller than 6". The small format is a crystallization of Kate's thoughtful, tender imagery. Included in this exhibit will be the exciting "premiers" of four short animated calligraphics set to music.

Kate explains: "This work represents a longstanding delight in still life, an intimate relationship with letterforms, and a new interest in movement and time.

"The small format serves a dual purpose of process and result: a way to work more in the moment, focusing on single objects. These are images enclosed in a compact framed space but often caught in mid-movement. The graphite pencil continues to serve my fascination with surface, detail and light and my decades long interest with still life as narrative. Colored pencil drawings on wood panels take advantage of the unique surface qualities of wood, and a more gestural drawing process exploring movement through color and transparency. In these drawings the difference between still and not so still life is approached literally and metaphorically.

"In this exhibit I am premiering four short animated calligraphics: a series of haiku about the relationship between scribe and poet ; between verbal and visual word. Calligraphy influences everything I do. Generally read for the meaning of words, it is also an art of shape, space and movement. My calligraphic work honors written letters, but the heart is the rhythm and grace of gesture as, stroke by stroke, the letters wander in and out of the abstract. This interest in movement and rhythm has taken my work, literally, into the realm of time. Animating calligraphy explores words as readable communication in motion, as well as abstract shapes and rhythmic texture—each expression rising out of the same letters but at different points in time. Combined and set with music, these become calligraphic dances.

"Although this exhibit includes work in four distinct media, it is time and movement that unite these ‘Short Flights’.”

Please join us for a reception to celebrate Kate and her new work on Sunday, June 4, 2017 from noon until 4:00 p.m. and the opening of "Short Flights" and the premier of her animated calligraphs. "Short Flights" will run through July 30, 2017.


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