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Bob Sealock at Mackerel Sky Gallery

Bob Sealock at Mackerel Sky Gallery


Bob Sealock:
A Celebration and Sale Exhibition in Memorium

Bob Sealock  (1950 – 2001) was an iconic Lansing Old Town artist. Discovering he wasn't cut out to be the poet he wanted to be, his artist friends, Greg Limmer and Ann Nolan told him to "paint it out".  He thought of his work as his poems in paint and went on to create nearly 500 paintings.

Bob worked on canvas and on paper in sizes ranging from one square foot to 11 x 14 feet mainly using acrylics, but incorporating many types of paint, and used all manner of tools to apply the paint and make his patterns including pencil erasers, sponges, knives as well as brushes.

American quilts, Native American and Peruvian and other world cultures were influences in their history and mythology, but Bob preferred painting to talking about painting.

Quoting Bob from a rare artist's statement recorded in a video for his memorial service,  "Because the visual image is direct, it can transcend its own time and place. The petroglyphs and pictographs of ancient peoples communicate a great deal, but their story is their image. As we see these pictures, they are out of context, forced to stand on their own as a primal visual expression of a distant tie and culture. They become our direct link with ourselves. I want to explore that directness."

This exhibit is a rare opportunity to view and purchase some of Bob's remaining work. Because he had such a large community base we are holding an unusual Thursday evening reception as an opportunity for his friends to gather and share stories. Please join us on the first Thursday of April, April 6, 2017, from 4-7 and share a glass of wine and refreshments to celebrate Bob Sealock and his legacy. Bob's work will be available from April 1 through May 27, 2017.



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